Vacuum trucks are specialised tanker trucks that contain multiple tanks to store and transport liquids, and a pump to both suck and extrude these liquids. 

Mainly found in the construction, earthworks, cleaning and excavation industries vacuum trucks are versatile pieces of machinery that are becoming more common on worksites of all sizes Australia wide. 

One of these trucks specialities is a service called hydro excavation that is used to remove dirt and solids from areas via pressurised air and water mixed together to turn the soil into a slurry that can then be sucked away and disposed of. It’s become a common form of excavation for repairing broken pipes and utilities without digging up the surrounding area to access it.

What is a Vacuum Truck?

Vacuum trucks have multiple uses ranging from non-destructive digging to high-pressure cleaning.

Some of the more popular uses include: transporting liquid materials such as wastewater, sludge from non-destructive digging, removing liquid waste like septic and grey water tank contents, gutters, telco pits and grease traps, cleaning blocked drains through the process of jet rodding, clean conduit and post hole blockages, and underground utility location.

What can I use a Vacuum Truck for?

Non-destructive digging is the process of using water and highly pressurised air to excavate areas of earth that are delicate or have underground assets under them. This method turns the soil in the excavation area to a sludge-like mud that is then sucked out by a vacuum truck without damaging the infrastructure that is buried in the area.

Underground assets such as gas pipes, water pipes, cabling for communications and other utilities can easily be damaged by traditional excavation methods, especially if they are undetected until the excavation begins. Non-destructive digging reduces the risk to these assets as it doesn’t cause damage to the area with its methods.

What is Non-Destructive Digging?

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