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Renowned Australia leading hydro excavation OEM manufacturer across Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Vac Dig is renowned Australia-wide as a leading OEM manufacturer of hydro excavation equipment nation-wide, including vacuum trucks, trailers, skid mounts and other non-destructive digging equipment. We pride ourselves on our fleet of innovative and versatile hydro vacuum excavation equipment designed for all types of non-destructive excavation applications in mining, power, telecommunications, earthworks, agriculture, construction, residential, commercial and civil works. Our vacuum excavation equipment is supplied nationally, including Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide and more.

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Vac Dig Non-Destructive-Digging

Non-destructive Digging

We provide a wide variety of hydro excavation and sucker trucks that are capable of providing non-destructive digging solutions for civil and commercial construction projects.

Hydro Excavations

Hydro excavation involves the use of highly pressurised water in order to quickly liquify earth and soil into a slurry to be easily extracted through via vacuum excavation.

Vac Dig After Sale Service

After Sale Service

We offer one of the best and most comprehensive vacuum excavation after-sales services in Australia.

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We offer a wide range of customisation options on our hydro vacuum excavation equipment to allow you to get the perfect custom unit you need.

Vac Dig Hydro Excavations

Vacuum Excavators Sale Range

What gives our vacuum truck, trailer and skid steer fleet an edge over our competitors in non-destructive digging and hydro excavation is our equipment is designed in Australia for Australian weather conditions. We are also committed to supporting Australian companies and maintaining the highest standards of quality control by designing and manufacturing our hydro excavation equipment onshore.

VD Range

HVD Range

SVD Range

Vac Dig SVD Range
Vac Dig VD Range
Vac Dig HVD Range

About Us

Vac Dig Vacuum Trailer

A subsidiary of the Farrall Group of companies, Vac Dig was established in 1986, during that time we have grown to become a leading national manufacturer and supplier of vacuum excavation equipment for sale and hire in Australia by utilising the latest innovative technologies in our equipment design. We have a vast national network where we provide equipment for hire on the east coast, whilst our equipment for sale is available for purchase nationwide in Australia.

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To find out more about our vacuum truck, trailer and skid mount units for sale or hire call our friendly team today on (02) 6425 5004. We're also happy to provide an obligation free quote for equipment hire services.

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