Why Choose Australian Made Sucker Trucks?


Sucker trucks perform the highly specialised but important task of non-destructive diggingWith around 66% of the Australian population residing in capital cities, excavation can be a difficult task due to the amount of cables and utilities located under the surface. Therefore, sucker trucks are a practical and in-demand machine in Australia. There are a range of sucker truck manufacturers to choose from, but buying from local manufacturers has its advantages. This article will outline how buying or renting from an Australian vacuum excavation truck manufacturer comes with a range of benefits that will help make your experience a smooth one.



One of the most significant benefits of buying or hiring your sucker truck locally is the quality of the machine. You can rest assured that Australian manufacturers of sucker trucks tailor their machines to the Australian environment. This means that machines are built to comply with local regulations and standards. Also, you can trust that Australian made sucker trucks are built to last in the arid and hot Australian climate. Australian manufacturers ensure that sucker truck designs are regularly innovated to guarantee they remain the most suitable machines for Australian conditions.

Fast Repairs

In the scenario that you run into any trouble with your sucker truck, repairs and maintenance can be a time consuming process that may delay the completion of your project and result in you potentially missing out on other jobs. Choosing an Australian made sucker truck will usually result in a quicker service of your truck as the manufacturer can directly assist you by either coming to you or inspecting your machine at their facility. 

Australian manufacturers will also usually have parts for their machines available at their facility which means parts won’t have to be ordered from overseas. This means owners of locally manufactured sucker trucks can focus on productivity instead of the logistical headaches that come with organising the repair of a machine.

Personalised Service

Occasionally, if you are looking perform a specific job that a regular vacuum excavation truck can’t service then you might need a sucker truck to be customised. Australian manufacturers are best equipped to provide you with a machine that can perform your job on a quick turnaround. This might include installing different attachments such as a jetter or providing a smaller or larger machine depending on the requirements of the job. 

Australian sucker truck manufacturers also provide localised service, which means they can help you out within working hours. Machines manufactured in Australia are also commonly covered by local warranties that mean your rights as a consumer are protected. So rest assured, Australian manufacturers will look after you for the life of your machine.

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