What to Look for when Buying a Vac Truck?


Buying your very own vac truck is not a decision to take lightly. Vacuum trucks are large units that are designed for specific jobs such as cleaning storm drains, catch basins and sanitation sewer lines, while the large industrial trucks are perfect for big jobs in the mines and oil fields.

So, in order to do your due diligence prior to purchase, it is important to know what you are using your vac truck for, and what your budget is. As of late, preowned trucks are in the highest demand and this is well suited to those who don’t have deep pockets. However, there are drawbacks to purchasing either a new or preowned vac truck. New trucks are costly but buying a used truck can come with unknown issues and repairs that can outweigh the costs of purchase. So, follow the steps below to make sure you are purchasing the right vac truck for you.

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1.    Make sure it comes with a good warranty

Warranties are based on the age of the truck and its condition. Warranties can range from no warranty at all, to a six-month warranty for work ready trucks and one-year warranties for rebuilt trucks. Some sellers also give separate warranties for the chassis and the vacuum module which makes servicing difficult if it has to be taken to different places for each warranty. So, before purchasing ensure you finalise location details and warranty conditions.

2.    Obtain full and detailed paperwork

Be sure to obtain a clear title and release of liens, along with federal certification of transportation inspection approval. Also seek out a full itemised list of all pieces included in the truck, especially if it is being built, to ensure you are not being cheated when you collect your purchase.

3.    Budget

Make sure you know how much you are willing to spend and do some research to ensure you are looking in areas that suit your budget.

4.    Beware of one-off trucks with specialised parts

When servicing or getting a specialised truck up and running, sourcing one-off parts is close to impossible, so don’t get stuck in the trap of wanting a rare truck because you will end up spending more than you bargained for.

5.    Get all the information

Don’t get into business with a dealer who will not disclose information on previous owners, service records and how many hours are on the truck. If they are not willing to answer your questions, look elsewhere.

6.    Check the condition of the tires

Tires are expensive and a vac truck has at least four tyres. Make sure you check that the tires are not bald or worn prior to purchase as these would result in unaccounted for costs.

7.    Acquire maintenance logs

Ask for the maintenance/service logs to see when the most recent service was, and if there are any reoccurring issues with the truck. If you can’t acquire the logs, bring a mechanic with you to inspect the unit so you are fully aware of the condition of the unit prior to purchase.

8.    Test major components

Prior to purchase, check the power vacuum, water systems and take off to make sure you are getting what you pay for, and the components are suited to the work you need the vac truck for.

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