What Can And Can't A Vacuum Truck Do?


If you have worked in the construction industry for any length of time, the chances are that you have encountered a vacuum truck at some point. Able to provide a fast and safe alternative to manual excavations, vacuum trucks have become a staple piece of equipment for the industry. 

They work by using high pressurised water to create a slurry of soil and debris, that is then cleared away via a vacuum hose and stored in a tank for disposal. This gentle form of excavation causes very little damage to the area surround the excavation site, which makes it ideal for projects that require digging around buried utilities or is located in small and tight spaces that can't be reached by traditional manual excavation methods.

Vacuum trucks are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the construction industry, as they are able to tackle a variety of services ranging from digging trenches through to locating buried pipes. Some of the key services that vacuum trucks can perform include:

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- Horizontal directional digging which is used to install underground cables and pipes with minimal surface destruction.
- Location services to locate buried underground utilities without causing damage to them.
- Liquid Waste Removal where contaminated waste such as sewage or septic tank content is removed safely, stored in the tank of the truck and then properly disposed of.
- Pot Hole and Post Hole Digging to create a safe and sturdy hole foundation for the placement of posts and poles. Vacuum trucks provide the most accurate results with less waste, mess and chance of injury when compared to manual excavation methods.
- Pressure Cleaning. Vac trucks are more powerful than your traditional pressure washer and are ideal for cleaning drains and pipes and removing blockages.

However, while vacuum trucks can be used for a multitude of different projects, there are some projects that they aren't suitable for. Some of the reasons that a project can be considered as unsuitable for vacuum excavation can include related costs such as waste disposal, staff wages and duration of the job. For example, in large scale excavation projects such as pool excavation, where large quantities of dirt needs to be removed, stored and disposed of, the cost of operations would be excessive and prohibitive when compared to manual excavations to perform the same tasks. 

Another type of job that some companies won't take on is the clean-up of spills such as oil, petrol and other flammable fuels. Once a tank has been used to hold and transport any contaminated materials ranging from flammable fuels through to the contents of a septic tank, it cannot be used for any task except the removal and containment of contaminated waste. This would leave the company unable to perform key services such as non-destructive digging without the purchase of a new and uncontaminated tank which is an expensive purchase.

Unsuitable Projects for Vacuum Trucks

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