What are the Benefits of a Vacuum Truck?


With the increasing number of vacuum trucks coming into the excavation industry, it can be seen that the industry is shifting from regular excavation techniques. Vacuum excavation is a safer and cost-effective method of excavation as it allows the user to create holes to replace underground utilities without causing damage to other services. There are a wide range of vacuum excavation benefits that can sway your decision from using standard excavation techniques. Vacuum excavation is taking over the excavation industry, and below are the reasons as to why traditional excavation techniques are becoming obsolete:

  • Cheaper Alternative
  • Safer Excavation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Reduced Damage
  • Increased Efficiency


Cheaper Alternative

When compared to traditional excavation techniques, vacuum excavation is a much more cost-effective method. All you require to conduct excavation utilising vacuum excavation methods is a vacuum truck and an operator that understands the components of the required truck. In terms of traditional excavation techniques, you are required to hire a few contractors as well as equipment to complete the excavation.

Safer Excavation

Vacuum excavation, as mentioned previously, only requires you to hire one operator that understands how the vacuum truck operates. This allows for minimal contractors to be on your work site as well as less equipment to be hired, which allows for the one operator to operate in more room. This reduces the likelihood of injury to operators and allows for the project to be more streamlined.

Noise Reduction

When it comes to traditional excavation techniques, noise pollution can be a serious negative factor, especially if you need an excavation project conducted in a residential area. Traditional excavation can cause serious noise inflation as the excavators’ engine can disturb an entire street. With vacuum excavation, there is hardly any noise, and this allows for operators to work during the night to complete your project, without disturbing your neighbours.

Reduced Damage

The process of vacuum excavation enables vacuum truck operators to conduct an excavation to access underground utilities such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications with causing serious damage to any of these services. Vacuum excavation allows you to replace underground utilities without any hassle or worries as the water breaks down the soil.

Increased Efficiency

Vacuum excavation also increases an excavation project's overall efficiency and keeps the project on schedule. Traditional excavation techniques may damage the underground utilities which will need replacement, increasing the excavation time. In regard to vacuum excavation, efficiency is achieved through the hydro jets as they break down the soil without causing damage. Vacuum excavation also is cost-effective as less money will be spent on contractors’ salaries.

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