Our Range of Sucker Trucks for Sale


Here at Vac Dig we supply a wide range of vacuum excavators for sale, sizing from 1,000L to 10,000L. Our vacuum trucks for sale are of the highest quality and can undertake any non-destructive digging or vacuum excavation project you require. Whether you are looking to install new conduits underground or conduct trenching, our vacuum trucks for sale can tackle your required project. No matter if your excavation project is industrial, commercial or residential, when you buy a sucker truck from Vac Dig, you will be getting a quality machine.


Our 1,000L Vacuum Truck for Sale

Here at Vac Dig, we supply 1,000L vacuum excavators for sale that are of the highest quality. Our 1,000L vacuum truck is the smallest in our sale range but can certainly hold its own. This vacuum truck size is recommended to tackle small residential excavation projects as it provides superb power and accuracy.

Our 3,000L Vacuum Truck for Sale

Our 3,000L vacuum truck is the next size up in our range of sucker trucks for sale, with the same power as our 1,000L vacuum truck but can excavate 3,000 cubic feet each minute. 3,000L vacuum trucks are a fan favourite for all residential projects and can tackle some larger projects if required. This allows our 3,000L vacuum trucks for sale to be diverse.

Our 4,000L Vaccum Truck for Sale

The 4,000L vacuum truck for sale is another versatile machine, mostly being used for locating underground services. With its compact yet powerful water pressure, it can not only tackle non-destructive digging projects, but post hole digging, unblocking conduit blockages and much more.

Our 7,000L Vaccum Truck for Sale

The 7,000L vacuum truck for sale is one of the most versatile choices when it comes to any excavation project you require. This excavator size offers a staggering 7,000 cubic metres worth of excavation per minute. From a commercial trenching project to large scale conduit replacement, our 7,000L vacuum truck can handle anything.

Our 10,000L Vacuum Truck for Sale

Our largest vacuum truck for sale is our 10,000L vacuum truck. This vacuum truck for sale is mostly utilised for larger commercial and industrial excavation projects but has the ability to tackle anything excavation. Our 10,000L vacuum trucks for sale are very efficient and productive, making them a popular option in the construction industry.

Vacuum Truck Customisation

In conjunction with our vacuum trucks for sale, we also offer customisation methods that allow you to tailor suit a vacuum excavator to your specific project requirements. From smaller to larger tanks, hydraulic assistance, non-tilt trays or anything else, we can make sure that your hydro excavation equipment matches your needs perfectly.

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