What Are The Common Vacuum Truck Hire Costs?


Vacuum truck hiring rates are very different and can drastically vary depending on a range of factors. These factors include the length of the project, what size vacuum truck you require, whether you need wet or dry hire, the location of the project and more. There may be extra costs that also accommodate vacuum truck hire including whether you damage the vacuum truck or if penalty rates apply to the operator when wet hiring. All these various factors are all dependent on where you hire your vacuum truck from. Some companies may require a transportation fee while others will charge extra if you are hiring the vacuum truck on a holiday.

Your first step should be to look around at the companies in your area to see if they have the specific vacuum truck for your project requirements. Your next step will then be to ask each company for a quote on how much hiring the vacuum truck will cost. This step is to ensure that you are hiring a vacuum truck that falls within your preferred price range prior to agreeing to hire a particular company vacuum truck.

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Dry Hire vs Wet Hire

One major cost area is whether you require wet or dry hire. If you are looking to save money and have the right knowledge and tickets to operate a vacuum truck, then dry hiring may be the smarter option. In contrast, wet hire is the more expensive option when comparing the two options on the surface. However, wet hire offers more benefits for the general person hiring a vacuum truck. This hiring method will ensure that you get an experienced operator controlling the vacuum truck. Another benefit is that all attachments required to complete your project are included in the total price for wet hire, whereas dry hire only includes the vacuum truck. Depending on the company, insurance can be included in the total price for wet hire. Also, the size of the vacuum truck can vary the total price as larger machines take more time to maintain and inspect.

Other Common Costs

Some other costs that can either be included in the total price or as an add on for vacuum truck hire include:

  • Age of the vacuum truck
  • Number of hours hiring for
  • Transportation to and from the project site
  • Fuel Costs

Depending on the company you are hiring from, these costs may be included as these costs make up the lost return on investment (ROI) when the vacuum truck is in transit.

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