Vac Dig Company Profile


VAC DIG Pty Ltd, Cable Winches Australia and Custom Conveyors is part of the Farrall Group of Companies. Established in Shepparton Victoria in 1986, we have, by choice remained a small progressive “Original Equipment Manufacturing Company” with an extensive range of very specialized equipment servicing the Power, Rail and Telecommunications Industry on one hand and the Fruit and Vegetable Industry on the other. We are well respected within our chosen area of expertise with a track record and capability of managing large turnkey projects Australia wide and export markets in the United States and New Zealand. Although cables and fruit may seem a rather strange marriage, vast experience in hydraulics and automation see them complimenting one other exceptionally well.


Intercom Directional Drilling has over 10 years’ experience in the civil telecommunications industry, although not a manufacturing Company it’s also part of the Farrall Group giving unprecedented access to extensive field testing all associated equipment.


Over the years we have kept abreast & utilized the latest technologies. All of our design work is carried out in-house utilizing the latest in computer aided drafting. We also develop all our own automation, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic applications and write all computer software in-house. 


We market and service all our equipment directly to the end user. In addition a close relationship with the Kennards Lift & Shift Group has our cable winch range available for hire through their branches Australia wide.


Having chosen Kohler Engines for our entire product range has definitely enhanced our success. Their product knowledge, availability and nationwide after sales service network makes it very easy for us to win the confidence of our clients. To date we have used the single cylinder 14hp petrol, 10.8hp and 16.8hp diesels on our Fibre Optic Cable Winch range. With over 150 units supplied to major contractors they are assisting in the roll out of the largest percentage of the National Broadband Network to date. The 29hp Vee twin EFI petrol, 40hp and 64hp turbo diesels are used on our Non Destructive Excavation Units. 

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